Is Sitting Detrimental To My Health?

Many people believe that if you workout 30 minutes per day and eat right then you will be healthy. While exercising and eating healthy are important, thought needs to be put into how other hours of the day are spent. If you sit for 9 – 10 hours a day, which is what the average person does, then your health could be at risk.

Sitting all day at work can equal 60% of your total sitting time during the weekdays. In addition, people are still sitting for 8 hours on the weekend. One article found if you are more sedentary at work it will lead you to be more sedentary at home. These people are not compensating their sitting at work with increased activity at home.

Studies have found 112% increase in Relative Risk of Diabetes and a 147% increase in Relative Risk of Cardiovascular events in people who sit the most, compared to people sitting the least. The mortality increases by 50% in excessive sitters. This is incredibly comparable to the mortality rate of smoking.

If you spend a majority of your day sitting, a simple tip to start implementing into your daily lifestyle is to start standing up every hour or half hour. The act of standing up from a seated position can help reduce the impact of prolonged sitting. It is best to stand up and sit down many times instead of only standing up once for a longer period of time.

More tips to help fight sitting will come in the future.

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